The Picturesque San Juan Mountains

During your stay at the Twins Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, the scenery will always remain fascinating, and that may be due in part to the amazing San Juan Mountains. For those that have never been to Ouray or Colorado, we’d like to tell you a little more about this incredible mountain range. The San…Continued

Colorado’s Amazing Hot Springs

Hot springs are aplenty in Colorado and they do provide a cozy, warm retreat from the state’s frigid temperatures. With so many to choose from, first time visitors may have a tough time figuring out which ones to visit, but we have a few suggestions if you aren’t already planning on exploring the Colorado Hot…Continued

The Picturesque Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop

Are you planning a stay at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs? If so, consider Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop. This amazingly picturesque trip is more than 700 miles long and it also happens to have hot springs in five regions of Western Colorado. Each of these hot springs has its unique vibe, ranging from…Continued