Explore What Ouray Has to Offer

Besides sightseeing and taking lots of pictures, one of the best ways to enjoy and remember the Ouray experience is by shopping. Whether it’s trying a local bite or purchasing something unique, today we’re exploring some of Ouray’s specialty shops. For those of you that like sweets, Ouray Candy Company on Main Street offers a…Continued

Visit These Great Colorado Museums

Are museums among the things you enjoy doing when you have some downtime? If so, Colorado is brimming with numerous museums offering a glimpse into the state’s incredibly rich history. Let’s explore a couple of the highlights. For those of you visiting Twin Peaks here in Ouray, definitely make a stop at the Ouray County…Continued

Advantages of Climbing a Mountain

 Climbing a mountain is not easy, some do it for the thrill and some do it for a workout. The psychological advantages of mountain climbing are to gain the ability to face the fears to be successful. Research shows the psychological effects come from the difficulty that is involved in planning and executing these feats.…Continued