Perfect Places for a Picture in Ouray

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in Ouray, you’ve likely read or heard about its near legendary sights and its incredibly picturesque vistas. If you’re a budding or professional photographer or a photo snapping hobbyist looking to share a picture that speaks a thousand words, Ouray is ideal. Let’s explore some of the best places…Continued

A Brief Introduction to Million Dollar Highway

With so much natural and historical places to discover, Ouray is a treasure trove of sorts for sightseers. In order to make it there, however, you’re likely going to have to make use of US 550. Commonly known as Million Dollar Highway, US 550 is the only paved road that allows people in or out…Continued

The Evolution of St. Joseph’s Miners’ Hospital

Way back in 1887, St. Joseph’s Miners’ Hospital opened its doors for the first time on August 27. The structure still stands in Ouray to this day and has become a part of the United States National Register of Historic Places. It still has the classic Italianate architectural style that made it so iconic when…Continued