Discover the Mystery of Ironton Park

By now you know there are numerous ghost towns worth visiting near Ouray. Today we’re going to shift the focus on Ironton Park. Found in the beautiful Red Mountain Mining District, it is situated close to Route 550 roughly ten miles south of Ouray. In keeping with a theme among Colorado’s ghost towns, to get…Continued

Reasons to Visit Ouray

Have you been postponing your trip to Ouray, Colorado? There are numerous reasons to visit. In fact, Ouray was mentioned in a recent post on the Bravo network website titled the “Best Small Towns in America”. The post calls Ouray “one of the more beautiful towns in Colorado” and deems the town “a very tasteful…Continued

Grab a Bite at These Ouray Restaurants

As you spend your time exploring the various ghost towns near Ouray, checking out the rich assortment of historic sights, or doing some ice climbing, you’re eventually going to become hungry. Besides being historically rich, Ouray also has plenty of great places to eat, and we have a few suggestions to get you started. Bon…Continued