The History of the Hot Springs

Ouray’s hot springs are a huge tourist draw, but these tourists might not know the history behind the Ouray hot springs. However, the history of the hot springs is a fascinating story that shows how Ouray developed over time. Ouray’s hot springs and geology is the result of a geological lift at the head of…Continued

Ouray Brewery Has Some of Colorado’s Best Wings

Kevin Torres, a “Unique 2 Colorado” reporter for Fox 31 Denver, recently published his top five choices for best Buffalo wings in all of Colorado. On this list is none other than Ouray Brewery, located just around the corner from us on Main Street. While Torres didn’t rank our neighbor as #1, it is quite an honor…Continued

Ouray’s Beautiful Wildlife

Colorado is a gorgeous place with many fascinating animals, and Ouray is no exception. Ouray has many unique animals in its borders, like deer and bighorn sheep. You might just see these animals while you’re here. Grouse are elusive birds that are also called ‘spring chickens.’ These birds are not as brightly-colored as other birds,…Continued

Spend the Summer Downtime at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool

The official start of the summer will soon be upon us, and many of us will be looking for ways to stay cool. If hot springs are your thing, the Ouray Hot Springs Pool & Fitness Center will be right up your alley. Even if hot springs aren’t your idea of keeping cool, you’ll still…Continued

Ouray County’s Red Crossbill

The flora and fauna of Ouray County are sights to behold and they are among the many reasons why taking a trip to Ouray is definitely something you should try and do at least once. To help you potentially notice some of the interesting animals roaming the lands of Ouray County, today we’re going to…Continued