Ouray Hot Springs Pool Earns a Design Distinction

In case you missed the news, the Aquatics International Dream Design distinction was recently bestowed upon the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. In case you’ve never heard of the pool, it’s been around for well over eighty years and has entertained hundreds of thousands of visitors looking to stay warm or cool during Ouray’s distinct seasons.…Continued

A Peaceful Ride Through the Clouds

Maybe rock climbing, 4-wheeling, or canyoning is too intense for you. You’re more about enjoying nature and relaxing. In that case, check out hot air ballooning. Ouray’s gorgeous mountain peaks are best seen from above! Hot air ballooning is the act of flying in a giant, inflatable hot air balloon. You would drift with the…Continued

The Best Hiking Trails Around Ouray

The hiking trails around Ouray are not like other hiking trails. These are more scenic, more exciting, and have more history behind them. In fact, most of the trails around Ouray were made by miners going to the minds in the 1870s. Here are some trails to check out. The Perimeter Trail is the most…Continued

Pop Culture and Ouray

Ouray’s beauty and elegance has charmed many people across the world. So it’s no surprise that many interesting films and books are based in or off of Ouray. Here are a couple interesting pop culture references about Ouray. Ayn Rand was a famous philosopher and author. She spent some time in Ouray, where she finished…Continued

Celebrate the Fourth of July in Ouray

Happy July, everyone! If you haven’t made any plans for Independence Day yet, Ouray is definitely a place to enjoy the national holiday celebration. The Old-Fashioned Fourth of July in Ouray celebration is packed with lots of fun for the whole family to enjoy. Let’s explore a bit more. The Fourth of July celebration kicks…Continued