The Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

The broad-tailed hummingbird is among the various types of birds found in or near Ouray, Colorado. It measures about four feet in length and it is easily identified by the iridescent green backs and crowns and the white breast, visible on both males and females. Despite their similarities, males are identified by their pink-red throat…Continued

Snap Some Red Mountain Photos This Weekend

It’s often said that it is important to have a hobby in your life, something that you enjoy doing beyond the daily grind that brings you a sense of joy and satisfaction. A common hobby shared by many is photography where capturing a moment can result in a lifetime of cherished memories about said moment…Continued

Enjoy Some Art This Weekend

Art aficionados, listen up! Our neighbor Ridgway is the place to be this weekend as the Ridgway Rendezvous Arts & Crafts Festival makes its triumphant return for the 34th time. This show brings together artists and patrons looking to share the universal language of art through a well-organized show intended to showcase the talents of creative…Continued