Enjoy the Musical Stylings of Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles

There is nothing quite like some smooth jazz to put you into a certain mood. Whether it’s the light tunes that evoke feelings of a certain time in your life or just the musicianship, some jazz is good for the soul. The vintage jazz band Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles has remained steadfast in…Continued

Learn More About Ouray’s Rich Mining Past

Numerous decades before it became what it is today, Ouray, Colorado was teeming with miners seeking fame and fortune by mining for gold. As the mining heyday eventually came to an end, many of these mines plus the mining towns that accompanied them were abandoned but left largely intact. Today, many of these mines and…Continued

Colorado Sights and History

The town of Ouray, Colorado was named after a Ute Indian chief, Chief Ouray. Chief Ouray was raised in the Taos valley but moved to Colorado when he was 17 and became chief of the Uncompahgre Ute tribe when he was 35. While he was chief the white people were fighting for gold,silver, and land.…Continued

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool Gets Name Checked

What steps do you take when trying to find the best hot springs in Colorado? Do you fire up Google and search for something like “best hot springs in Colorado”? Perhaps you’ve come to rely on the numerous reviews featured in apps like TripAdvisor to help you make your decision. On the other hand, you…Continued