Restoring Red Mountain Pass

By now you’re likely very well aware of the notoriety attached to Red Mountain Pass. This treacherous roadway has earned a reputation for its excitement and danger during the summer, and it’s even more challenging during the winter season. The pass connects Ouray to its neighbor Silverton and can be found at more than 10,500…Continued

Run a 1K for a Good Cause

Lace up your running shoes. Next month, our neighbor Ridgway will debut the first ever Ridgway 1K Rally Through the Alley! This unique spin on the popular running events will allow participants—or should we say “art-letes”—to run as they discover various sculptures and hidden poems. The event concludes at the town park. There are many…Continued

Unleash Your Inner Artist

You’ve probably seen one of your friends or family members show off a work of art they painted themselves after participating in one of those popular guided painting classes. You may have wanted to try this yourself at some point to unleash your inner artist. Next Tuesday, you’ll be able to do just that if…Continued