Best Hiking Clothes for Colorado

Chances are, if you’re coming to Colorado, you’ll be hiking. Ouray Colorado and the surrounding areas have beautiful trails that you can try out this summer. You’ll get stunning views from the mountains of wildflowers, the greenest trees, and you might even spot some wildlife! If hiking is on the agenda while staying at Ouray…Continued

4 Massages to Get at Sage Spa This Summer

Sage Spa, Twin Peaks Loading & Hot Springs (Ouray Colorado Lodging) is a great way to relax and unwind during your vacation. Our spa offers an ambiance that will allow you to walk away feeling refreshed and feeling just like new. Our trained staff is ready to help make your summer vacation the most relaxing…Continued

The Rich History of Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

You’ve heard it before – Ouray, CO is the Switzerland of America. Located on the corner of 3rd Ave. and 2nd St, Ouray Colorado lodging, Twin peaks Lodge and Hot Springs, is no stranger to the breathtaking views and friendly faces of this hidden gem in the Rockies. Since 1893, Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot…Continued

Is the Sun Stronger at Higher Altitudes?

Believe it or not, the sun is actually much stronger at higher altitudes. With heightened intensity comes higher chances that your skin can be damaged. While it may seem that you’d get less sun exposure in higher places like Ouray lodging due to the clouds and cooler temperatures, objects at higher altitudes are physically closer…Continued