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Ice Climbing Practically Saves a Woman’s Life

Doing exercise or any kind of physical activity is often used as a way to cope with the stresses of life. Exercise is effective in getting rid of worries, managing anxiety, and keeping the body in tip-top shape. A recent CNN article highlights the story of a woman who also used a certain type of…Continued

Famous Colorado Mountain Pass Receives an Accolade

Hello and happy New Year! We are excited to welcome you as a guest of Twins Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs in 2019 and show you the incredible experience Ouray has in store for you. In the meantime, there is some intriguing news regarding one of Colorado’s most infamous mountain passes. Have you been off-roading…Continued

Enjoy the Musical Stylings of Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles

There is nothing quite like some smooth jazz to put you into a certain mood. Whether it’s the light tunes that evoke feelings of a certain time in your life or just the musicianship, some jazz is good for the soul. The vintage jazz band Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles has remained steadfast in…Continued

Colorado Sights and History

The town of Ouray, Colorado was named after a Ute Indian chief, Chief Ouray. Chief Ouray was raised in the Taos valley but moved to Colorado when he was 17 and became chief of the Uncompahgre Ute tribe when he was 35. While he was chief the white people were fighting for gold,silver, and land.…Continued

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool Gets Name Checked

What steps do you take when trying to find the best hot springs in Colorado? Do you fire up Google and search for something like “best hot springs in Colorado”? Perhaps you’ve come to rely on the numerous reviews featured in apps like TripAdvisor to help you make your decision. On the other hand, you…Continued

Perfect Your Picture Taking

When you think of the word ‘picturesque’, Ouray, Colorado definitely fits the word extremely well. With its mountain backdrop, numerous mines, and massive acres of nature, just about every aspect of Ouray and beyond provides an opportunity to snap a photo that will look as gorgeous in a frame in your home as it would…Continued

Enjoy Some Art This Weekend

Art aficionados, listen up! Our neighbor Ridgway is the place to be this weekend as the Ridgway Rendezvous Arts & Crafts Festival makes its triumphant return for the 34th time. This show brings together artists and patrons looking to share the universal language of art through a well-organized show intended to showcase the talents of creative…Continued

Explore the Mountains with the San Juan Hut System

When you’re staying in Ouray, the San Juan Mountains will provide a stunning backdrop during your vacation. There is something fascinating about the towering peaks and if you’ve ever wanted to experience what it would be like to explore the mountains, you may wish to look into the San Juan Hut System during the winter…Continued

Float over San Juan in a Hot Air Balloon

There is probably no greater type of adventure than gently floating in the sky in a hot air balloon. Fortunately, that is a reality in the nearby town of Ridgway, just a fifteen-minute drive from Ouray. It’s a family-owned business called San Juan Balloon Adventures run by Gary and Carolyn Woods for 22 years. Now…Continued

Discover Ouray and Colorado at These Museums

With so much history in its roots, Ouray is fascinating. If you aren’t up for exploring some of the remote ghost towns nestled up high in the mountains, there are plenty of museums to explore which we’ll acquaint you with. None other than The Smithsonian Institution dubbed the Ouray County Historical Museum “one of the…Continued

Tie the Knot in Ouray

If you’re reading this and are currently engaged, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Second of all, let us take a moment of your time to tell you about how our town of Ouray can be the perfect choice for your nuptials. With our Victorian style architecture and endless, breathtaking mountain views we can provide the ideal…Continued

Ouray County Is Healthier Than You Think

Where you live will factor heavily into your quality of life and it may even add or subtract a couple of years from your life expectancy. Local health outcomes typically evaluate important elements such as how affordable the housing is and how good the schools are, all of which may impact a person’s quality of…Continued

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