4 Reasons Why You Should Soak in a Hot Spring

Every morning, our Ouray Colorado hot springs welcome guests and residents with the warmest and most breathtaking vistas. The San Juan Mountains rise and fall like those on a book’s cover, allowing you to sit back and unwind. But besides the views, here are four other reasons you should take a soak in our natural hot springs. 

Relaxes the Mind and Body

Immersing yourself in hot water is a well-known method for relieving stress. Muscles relax naturally due to the heat, resulting in an overall sense of serenity and contentment.

Treats Skin Problems

Plain water frequently dries up the skin, but mineral water is high in silica, which soothes irritations, especially those caused by rough, dry skin. In Europe and Japan, where holistic healing is more widely accepted, doctors and naturopaths frequently recommend soaking in mineral hot springs.

Increases Blood Flow

Your hydrostatic pressure increases when you take a hot springs bath. Similar to when you workout, circulation and oxygen flow increase throughout this procedure. Your body’s other essential organs and tissues, including your heart, benefit from having an oxygen-rich circulatory system.

Promotes a Better Night’s Sleep

Heat relaxes stiff muscles, which as we all know, helps you sleep better at night. As you soak in the water, your body temperature rises; but, as soon as you get out, it swiftly drops. Your body warming and cooling cycles might promote relaxation and deeper sleep. You’ll discover that these two things are intimately connected: lowering stress relaxes and clears your mind, which improves sleep. 

Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot Springs provide Ouray lodging accommodations. After a day spent exploring nature, our hot springs provide guests a well deserved relaxing soak.

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Whether you are staying in Ouray to explore the San Juan Mountains or relax in our natural hot springs, you will love your time at Twin Peaks Lodge.