More Ghost Towns Near Ouray

Ghost towns are some of the most popular attractions across the Rocky Mountains and the Western United States. After decades of a booming mining industry, entire towns were just left to collect dust. Their history preserved in run-down and abandoned buildings is a gold mine for the modern-day history buff and ghost town aficionado. There…Continued

Ghost Towns Near Ouray Colorado

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a ghost story? Colorado is crawling with ghost towns, much like the rest of the southwest region of the United States. In and around Ouray, you’ll find old mining roads along the hills and old towns abandoned with them. Most of them are accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles, but some…Continued

5 Road Trip Tips For a Fun Drive

Hitting the open road soon? When heading for Ouray Colorado Hot Springs by car, make sure you adequately plan to ensure you have a safe and comfortable drive. No matter how far you will be traveling, make sure you prepare for the highway. It can be easy to fall into a daze while driving, so…Continued

Museums in Ouray

Museums are a great way to get in touch with the roots of Ouray, Colorado, which has a rich and lively history. Ouray is named after Chief Ouray of the Ute Indian tribe. The town of Ouray was founded in 1875 by miners on the hunt for ore. Since then, Ouray has become well known…Continued

Dine-In at Mineshaft Restaurant

Any good Ouray Colorado lodging experience comes complete with the experience of dining out at the Mineshaft Restaurant, located right here at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs. Appetizers, entrees, and desserts await your and your vacation party to dig in! Free delivery is also offered within Ouray city limits, so if dining in your…Continued

4 Reasons to Visit a Hot Spring This Year

Natural hot springs, or thermal springs, have been popular for centuries because of their ability to help people to health and wellness. In ancient Roman culture, temples and cities were formed around them. They are soothing, offering all those who soak the opportunity for the relaxation for a lifetime. At our Ouray Colorado hot springs,…Continued

Best Hiking Clothes for Colorado

Chances are, if you’re coming to Colorado, you’ll be hiking. Ouray Colorado and the surrounding areas have beautiful trails that you can try out this summer. You’ll get stunning views from the mountains of wildflowers, the greenest trees, and you might even spot some wildlife! If hiking is on the agenda while staying at Ouray…Continued

4 Massages to Get at Sage Spa This Summer

Sage Spa, Twin Peaks Loading & Hot Springs (Ouray Colorado Lodging) is a great way to relax and unwind during your vacation. Our spa offers an ambiance that will allow you to walk away feeling refreshed and feeling just like new. Our trained staff is ready to help make your summer vacation the most relaxing…Continued

The Rich History of Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs

You’ve heard it before – Ouray, CO is the Switzerland of America. Located on the corner of 3rd Ave. and 2nd St, Ouray Colorado lodging, Twin peaks Lodge and Hot Springs, is no stranger to the breathtaking views and friendly faces of this hidden gem in the Rockies. Since 1893, Twin Peaks Lodge and Hot…Continued

Is the Sun Stronger at Higher Altitudes?

Believe it or not, the sun is actually much stronger at higher altitudes. With heightened intensity comes higher chances that your skin can be damaged. While it may seem that you’d get less sun exposure in higher places like Ouray lodging due to the clouds and cooler temperatures, objects at higher altitudes are physically closer…Continued

Climb to New Heights With Ouray Mountain Adventures

This summer, take the ride of a lifetime and see breathtaking heights with Jeep rentals from Ouray Mountain Adventures. You’ll see beautiful views from the mountains, Colorado’s wildflowers, waterfalls, wildlife, ghost towns, and the historic mining areas of the Ouray Colorado lodging region. When you rent with our favorite mountain adventurers, you’ll get a free…Continued

The Ultimate Packing List for Summer Activities in Ouray

Colorado is the perfect summer getaway for the adventurer in us all. Sunny days are accompanied by cool nights, you’ll surely need to bring layers and pack for anything. It can get warm during the days, but the weather can change on a dime – plus, you’ll need to be prepared for all of your…Continued