Staying at a Pet-Friendly Hotel in Colorado

Colorado’s breathtaking landscapes draw travelers seeking adventure, and many wish to include their pets in these excursions. However, finding suitable pet-friendly accommodations can be challenging as many hotels ban pets.

If you plan to travel to Western Colorado with your pets, this guide will help you locate pet-friendly hotels, ask the appropriate questions about their accommodations, and pack for your upcoming trip.

Finding Hotels for Pets

Securing pet-friendly accommodations can be challenging because hotels enforce strict animal policies. However, if you do your research and confirm your chosen accommodations are pet-friendly hotels, you can avoid stress when you arrive at your destination.

Check Hotel Websites

When booking pet-friendly accommodations, we recommend you first visit the hotel’s website. Most hotels, including Twin Peaks Lodge, will list whether they offer pet-friendly lodging.

However, each hotel has different policies regarding breed and size restrictions, fees, and other pet-related rules. Therefore, you should also look for the hotel’s pet policy online to ensure your dog or other pet meets the criteria to stay in the hotel. Reviewing this information on the website safeguards against unexpected complications when traveling.

Search Online Travel Directories

Online travel directories are another way travelers can find pet-friendly accommodations. These directories clearly state which hotels welcome pets, alleviating compatibility concerns.

These directories often provide detailed information about pet policies, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Additionally, these directories may offer insights into nearby pet-friendly attractions and services, maximizing the positive aspects of your adventure. You may even be able to read reviews from other pet parents and learn what they experienced at various hotels in the area.

Call the Hotel Directly

Sometimes, online information may only partially cover pet-friendly hotel policies. When faced with uncertainty, you should contact the hotel directly. This proactive approach prevents the inconvenience of arriving at a hotel only to discover that it doesn’t have pet-friendly accommodations.

Even if the hotel’s website lists pet-friendly options, a quick phone call to double-check won’t hurt. Policies can change, and a direct inquiry ensures the most up-to-date information.

Questions to Ask Pet-Friendly Hotels Before You Book

Once you’ve identified a pet-friendly hotel, you should ask about its offerings and policies. Asking the following questions ensures an optimal stay for you and your furry friend.

Pet Fees & Deposits

When booking a pet-friendly hotel, ask about pet fees and deposits. By asking in advance, you gain transparency on additional expenses, allowing you to budget accordingly. You can also compare pet fees and deposits between multiple hotels in the area and choose the most economical one.

Breed & Size Restrictions

Before bringing your pet to a hotel, you will also want to inquire about breed and size restrictions. Some hotels impose restrictions on specific breeds or sizes of pets, making it impossible to stay there if your pet doesn’t meet the hotel’s requirements.

Amenities for Pets

When booking a pet-friendly hotel, ask about pet amenities to ensure your furry friend’s comfort and happiness. Some amenities include designated play areas, pet-friendly room features, and walking trails.

Since you will likely spend much of your time outdoors in Colorado, you can ask the hotel about nearby places to enjoy quality time with your pet. You can also ask about pet-friendly restaurants and similar venues.

Packing for Pet Travel in Colorado

Packing for pet travel can be challenging, with some bringing too much and others too little for their pets. To simplify the process, we’ve outlined essential items and provided strategic packing tips for a seamless journey with your pet. Knowing what to bring and how to pack efficiently ensures your pet’s comfort and safety throughout the trip.

Essentials for Travel with Pets

While traveling to your pet-friendly hotel, you should make your pet as comfortable as possible. Packing essentials ensures a smooth journey with your pet during long-distance travel. People usually travel with their beloved dogs or cats. For dogs, essential items include:

  • Leash and Collar: Ensures control and safety during walks and rest stops
  • Travel Water Bowl: Keeps your dog hydrated and healthy on the road
  • Favorite Toys: Provides entertainment and familiarity during the journey
  • Snacks: Keeps your dog content and possibly distracted if they dislike traveling

For cats, vital items include:

  • Portable Litter Box: Provides a familiar space for bathroom breaks during the journey
  • Comforting Blanket or Bed: Offers security and familiarity, reducing travel stress
  • Calming Pheromone Spray: Helps alleviate anxiety and stress in unfamiliar environments.
  • Toys: Keeps your cat entertained in hotel rooms while you’re gone

Smart Packing Tips for Pet Owners

When preparing for a stay at a pet-friendly hotel, efficient packing is vital for a hassle-free journey. Innovative strategies can make the process smoother and ensure you have everything your pet needs. Consider the following tips to optimize your packing and enhance the overall travel experience for your furry friend:

  • Use collapsible or stackable containers for pet supplies to maximize luggage space.
  • Keep necessary documents, such as vaccination records, in a designated travel folder.
  • Pack a small cleaning kit with pet-safe wipes and stain removers for unexpected messes.
  • Pack a spare leash and collar in case of breakage or unforeseen issues.

Preparing for Outdoor Activities

Preparing for the adventure is crucial when planning outdoor activities with your pet. Colorado boasts numerous pet-friendly attractions, from hiking trails to parks. Ensure your pet is ready for these excursions by packing essentials such as water, collapsible bowls, and comfortable gear.  

Research the specific regulations of the outdoor locations to guarantee compliance with pet policies. By proactively considering your pet’s needs and the requirements of each location, you can create lasting memories on your trip.

Tips for Managing Pets in Hotels

Managing pets in hotels can be tricky for those uneasy with change. Ensuring their comfort and well-being in a new environment is essential. It is also crucial to respect hotel policies and guidelines for animals. Below are tips to provide a positive experience for your pet and fellow hotel guests.

Maintain Your Pet’s Daily Routine

Maintaining your pet’s daily routine is crucial when staying at a pet-friendly hotel. Sudden changes can elevate their stress levels, impacting their well-being. You should stick to familiar routines such as feeding times, walks, and play sessions to ensure a smooth transition.

Additionally, avoid altering their diet or introducing new treats, which can lead to digestive issues. Also, consistency in sleeping arrangements, whether bringing their favorite bed or blanket, can be essential.

You should adhere to established bathroom breaks to prevent accidents and reassure your pet in unfamiliar surroundings. Preserving these vital elements of your pet’s routine will create a more comfortable and stress-free environment in pet-friendly accommodations.

Ensure Pet Comfort in Hotel Rooms

Ensuring your pet’s comfort in a hotel room is paramount for a pleasant stay in pet-friendly accommodations. Create a familiar space with their bed or blanket, replicating the coziness they experience at home. Suitably setting the room temperature ensures your pet feels balanced and comfortable.

If your pet tends to be anxious in new environments, offer comfort through treats, gentle pets, and ample attention. Thoughtful concern for their well-being helps your pet have a relaxing and pleasant stay at a pet-friendly hotel.

Standard Etiquette for Pet Owners in Hotels

Pet owners should adhere to etiquette for a harmonious stay in pet-friendly accommodations. Following standard guidelines ensures a positive and respectful experience for pet owners and guests at a pet-friendly hotel. Standard pet etiquette includes:

  • Being Respectful of Spaces: Respect designated pet-friendly areas and adhere to leash regulations
  • Cleanup: Promptly clean up after your pet, utilizing provided waste disposal facilities
  • Restrict Alone Time: Avoid leaving your dog unattended in the hotel room to prevent disturbances or damage
  • Communicate with Hotel: Inform hotel staff about your pet during check-in for a smoother experience
  • Noise Consideration: Be mindful of noise levels, especially if your pet tends to vocalize

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