5 Road Trip Tips For a Fun Drive

Hitting the open road soon? When heading for Ouray Colorado Hot Springs by car, make sure you adequately plan to ensure you have a safe and comfortable drive. No matter how far you will be traveling, make sure you prepare for the highway. It can be easy to fall into a daze while driving, so keep the following safety tips in mind.


  • Make sure you are well-rested. It is easy to get sleepy while driving for extended periods, and having a sufficient amount of sleep the night before your drive will help immensely.

  • Plan your breaks. You are going to need them! Stop often and stretch your muscles. Get your mind off the road for a bit and get something to eat (and do not eat while driving). Driving can be relaxing for some, but it’s difficult to sit for hours on end for others. Stopping often will ensure you keep your focus and energy levels up.

  • Stay hydrated. You may have to stop more frequently, but again, plan breaks, so you have an idea of an ETA to Ouray lodging. Water will help you feel more energized. If you drink sodas or coffee, you will need to drink extra water as caffeine can dehydrate you.


Once you’ve made sure you’re safe on the road, it can be daunting to sit in the car for hours in silence. Road trips don’t have to be boring! While safety should always be the number one priority, here are some tips to keep your next road trip fun.


  • Listen to audiobooks. They’ll keep your brain active by fixating your attention on a good story. Comedic stories are even better since laughing can help you stay awake.

  • Have a good playlist ready. Traveling with multiple people? Create a collaborative playlist or designate the front passenger to be in charge of the music. Choose upbeat music that will engage everyone. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road.


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