5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated until the Spring

The holidays are long gone and still winter appears to be dragging on forever, making it difficult to find something to look forward to. However, soon spring will be here with warmer weather and longer days. But until then, here are some tips for remaining motivated throughout these last few cold weeks: 

1. Pull out the post-it notes. 

Make a list of three to five goals you want to achieve in the remaining months of the year. These can be based on a New Year’s resolution or anything you’ve been thinking about since then. A positive mindset keeps you going. 

2. Blow the dust off those dumbbells. 

Find time to exercise. While it can be difficult to get started, finding ways to give yourself a push when you need it can help you achieve your goals, whether they involve training for a big event or de-stressing with mindful movement.

3. Change up the routine.

If you’re already exercising, try something new. We can lose our drive if our routines become monotonous to us. Opt for a fitness class such as Crossfit or Yoga. 

4. Get ahead of Spring Clean

Why spend those spring days inside cleaning up. Instead, start today by organizing all your files, getting rid of all of the garbage and cleaning up any areas that get a little dirty. You’ll have a new lease on life and be energized to take on anything.

5. Plan your Next Vacation

There is nothing better than planning a vacation to get you motivated. Make plans for your spring vacation. To keep yourself motivated throughout the day, print out some motivational photos and put them on the wall. And might we recommend the heavenly scenic landscape surrounding Ouray Colorado.     

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