A Guide to Colorado’s Hot Springs

Colorado is known to be an adventurous and outdoorsy state, but there are plenty of opportunities to relax in the hot springs after a long day of hiking, skiing, and exploring the beautiful landscape. Hot Springs like the ones at Twin Peaks Ouray Colorado Lodging gives you the opportunity to kick back and take in the mental and physical health benefits hot springs have to offer.

Soaking in a hot spring is a wonderful way to detox the skin and soften dry or rough skin naturally. This is due to the high amount of silica present in the water, along with the mineral content of sulfur springs that ease conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

It also assists in circulation. When taking a dip in a hot spring, you’ll get a boost of hydrostatic pressure. This is because of the heavy mineral content. Essentially what happens is your body induces blood flow, which increases cardiac activity and aids metabolism. Hot Springs are also known to block pain receptors when submerged in the water. Conditions like joint pain and arthritis may be soothed by hanging out in one.

A hot spring is also the perfect way to relax your mind. We already know that taking a hot shower or bath can have many benefits to your mental health, especially after a hard day. Now imagine taking a soak in a natural hot spring – it’s one of the best ways you can relax naturally and lower your stress levels.

Of course, on vacation at Ouray Colorado lodging location you might already be relaxed, but a soak in a hot spring can bring you all the serenity you were looking for, even after a jam-packed day of activities.

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Whether you are staying in Ouray to explore the San Juan Mountains or relax in our natural hot springs, you will love your time at Twin Peaks Lodge.