A Little Insight into Ouray’s History

ouray-2If you’ve ever visited Ouray, Colorado, you’ve likely noticed its rich history and fascinating places to visit such as the old mining towns. Today we’d like to shed some more insight into how it became a popular vacation destination in The Centennial State.

Ouray was established by miners seeking the riches of gold and silver nestled within the mountains. Interestingly, it once boasted a greater number of mules and horses than humans. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1870s that prospectors arrived in Ouray and the town was officially incorporated on October 2, 1976. Its name, as well as the country seat name, came from a Native American chief of the Ute tribe whose name was Ouray. By 1877, the town’s population had swelled to more than 1,000 residents, with over 20 active mines.

The historic Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad debuted in Ouray in 1887 and continued to operate until trucks and traditional automobiles phased out its use. Its last scheduled passenger train was on September 14, 1930. Today, the town has plenty of additional history to explore like Main Street and its classic buildings. Main Street is registered as a National Historic District.

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