Advantages of Climbing a Mountain

 Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.03.29 PMClimbing a mountain is not easy, some do it for the thrill and some do it for a workout. The psychological advantages of mountain climbing are to gain the ability to face the fears to be successful. Research shows the psychological effects come from the difficulty that is involved in planning and executing these feats. Climbing a mountain can be a very meditative experience, and not because of the beautiful scenery. This activity is similar to meditation because you need to be very present in the moment to be safe and successful.

Mountain climbing can help you see the bigger picture in life when you realize how fragile and precious life can be. This psychological state occurs in activities where injury or death is a possibility. Being humbled is a psychological advantage because you become a kinder, more grateful individual. This can facilitate healthier relationships, a higher life satisfaction, and the desire to accomplish further challenges that make you feel good. Facing your fears can be an intense psychological experience that can lead you to greater things in life. After taking risks climbing mountains, you generally will want to continue going after things that once appeared frightening to you.

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