Colorado Sights and History

The town of Ouray, Colorado was named after a Ute Indian chief, Chief Ouray. Chief Ouray was raised in the Taos valley but moved to Colorado when he was 17 and became chief of the Uncompahgre Ute tribe when he was 35. While he was chief the white people were fighting for gold,silver, and land.…Continued

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool Gets Name Checked

What steps do you take when trying to find the best hot springs in Colorado? Do you fire up Google and search for something like “best hot springs in Colorado”? Perhaps you’ve come to rely on the numerous reviews featured in apps like TripAdvisor to help you make your decision. On the other hand, you…Continued

The 6th Annual Fiber Art Festival

There is always something going on in or near Ouray during the weekends, and this weekend is no exception. This Saturday, the Ouray County Sneffels Fiber Art Festival is returning for the sixth time featuring a broad array of handmade wearable clothes and art all made from scratch thanks to the talented creativity of local…Continued

The Natural Beauty of Wiesbaden Hot Springs

Ouray’s history is closely intertwined with that of the Ute tribe and its Native American chief who also has his place in history as Ouray’s namesake. Chief Ouray had one of his homes built close to Wiesbaden Hot Springs, as his appreciation for the purported healing qualities of the water grew. Today, Wiesbaden has become…Continued

Perfect Your Picture Taking

When you think of the word ‘picturesque’, Ouray, Colorado definitely fits the word extremely well. With its mountain backdrop, numerous mines, and massive acres of nature, just about every aspect of Ouray and beyond provides an opportunity to snap a photo that will look as gorgeous in a frame in your home as it would…Continued

The Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

The broad-tailed hummingbird is among the various types of birds found in or near Ouray, Colorado. It measures about four feet in length and it is easily identified by the iridescent green backs and crowns and the white breast, visible on both males and females. Despite their similarities, males are identified by their pink-red throat…Continued

Snap Some Red Mountain Photos This Weekend

It’s often said that it is important to have a hobby in your life, something that you enjoy doing beyond the daily grind that brings you a sense of joy and satisfaction. A common hobby shared by many is photography where capturing a moment can result in a lifetime of cherished memories about said moment…Continued

Enjoy Some Art This Weekend

Art aficionados, listen up! Our neighbor Ridgway is the place to be this weekend as the Ridgway Rendezvous Arts & Crafts Festival makes its triumphant return for the 34th time. This show brings together artists and patrons looking to share the universal language of art through a well-organized show intended to showcase the talents of creative…Continued

Ouray Hot Springs Pool Earns a Design Distinction

In case you missed the news, the Aquatics International Dream Design distinction was recently bestowed upon the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. In case you’ve never heard of the pool, it’s been around for well over eighty years and has entertained hundreds of thousands of visitors looking to stay warm or cool during Ouray’s distinct seasons.…Continued

A Peaceful Ride Through the Clouds

Maybe rock climbing, 4-wheeling, or canyoning is too intense for you. You’re more about enjoying nature and relaxing. In that case, check out hot air ballooning. Ouray’s gorgeous mountain peaks are best seen from above! Hot air ballooning is the act of flying in a giant, inflatable hot air balloon. You would drift with the…Continued

The Best Hiking Trails Around Ouray

The hiking trails around Ouray are not like other hiking trails. These are more scenic, more exciting, and have more history behind them. In fact, most of the trails around Ouray were made by miners going to the minds in the 1870s. Here are some trails to check out. The Perimeter Trail is the most…Continued

Pop Culture and Ouray

Ouray’s beauty and elegance has charmed many people across the world. So it’s no surprise that many interesting films and books are based in or off of Ouray. Here are a couple interesting pop culture references about Ouray. Ayn Rand was a famous philosopher and author. She spent some time in Ouray, where she finished…Continued