Climb to New Heights With Ouray Mountain Adventures

This summer, take the ride of a lifetime and see breathtaking heights with Jeep rentals from Ouray Mountain Adventures. You’ll see beautiful views from the mountains, Colorado’s wildflowers, waterfalls, wildlife, ghost towns, and the historic mining areas of the Ouray Colorado lodging region.

When you rent with our favorite mountain adventurers, you’ll get a free map and suggested routes for all levels of drivers. Reservations are only available for full days (but trust us – you’ll want the whole day, and it will never feel like enough!) from 6 to 8 pm to 4:30 pm the next day. You can also do a half-day (5 hours) if necessary, but these are only based on availability, so we recommend rentals for whole days (no reservations on half days).

Trails in the San Juan region near Ouray Colorado lodging location range from scenic and relatively easy to experienced drivers.


  • Last Dollar Road: will take you from Ouray to Telluride and is beautiful in all seasons.

  • Brown Mountain: the trail for those looking to explore all the abandoned mines in Ouray.

  • Yankee Boy Basin: perfect for viewing summer wildflowers and hiking.

  • Corkscrew Gulch: the most popular trail along Highway 550 with a beautiful view of Lake Como.

  • Governor Basin: gets you to the top of Mountain Top Mine.

  • Imogene Pass: one of the more difficult rails but some of the best views.


There are many more trails to explore and something for everyone!

Vehicle rental options include Jeep Gladiator Rubicons and Jeep RUbicons, two and four doors, and UTV/RZR vehicles for six, four, and two passengers. Rental rates on the UTV/RZRs include fuel, helmets, and washing.

Check out Ouray Mountain Adventures next time you’re in Colorado for a trip you won’t soon forget!

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