Colorado Sights and History

donald-giannatti-1087607-unsplashThe town of Ouray, Colorado was named after a Ute Indian chief, Chief Ouray. Chief Ouray was raised in the Taos valley but moved to Colorado when he was 17 and became chief of the Uncompahgre Ute tribe when he was 35. While he was chief the white people were fighting for gold,silver, and land. He was known for his diplomacy with the United States government and protecting his people as well. Chief Ouray passed away in 1880 and was respected not only by the government but by Native Americans throughout the United States as well. In 1887 Ouray became a mining town and was a central shipping and logistics center.

In September 1882, the Denver and Rio Grand Railway was built just north of Ouray,Colorado and it took another five years until the railway connected into the town of Ouray. The Beaumont hotel was built in 1887 and helped attract people to Ouray,Colorado. Tourism began to grow and by1920 construction started on the hot springs of Ouray. The grand opening of the pool was July 4,1927 and has been open ever since. Main street Ouray is considered a National Historic District and its buildings date back to the 1800’s.

Today most people visit Ouray for its beautiful scenic view of the mountains,hot springs,museums,lakes for fishing,ghost towns,and its hiking trails. What’s impressive about Ouray are its waterfalls around its 10 mile perimeter loop, Box Canyon Park, and Cascade Falls.

If you want to see the mines the Bachelor Syracuse Mine Tour will have guides that will take you to a real mine and let you experience just what it was to be a miner back in the days. In the winter the Box Canyon freezes and the Uncompahgre Gorge becomes an ice park. Ouray Ice Park was made in 1997 and people have come to the Ouray ice festivals ever since.

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