Experience Europe in Ouray

Were you thinking about doing any international fall traveling to somewhere like Europe, you may be out of luck as Europe is currently preferring that American visitors stay away due to the pandemic. While it’s not Europe, Colorado is one of the places you may wish to consider visiting. The Know Outdoors recently talked about a few places in Colorado that will feel as if you’re traveling to Europe and sure enough, Ouray is among them.

Were you thinking about a Swiss adventure? Ouray’s official nickname is the “Switzerland of America”, widely recognized for its scenic sights like the San Juan Mountains. Similar to Switzerland, it’s also extremely popular for ice climbing. With that in mind, Ouray Ice Park gets a much-deserved mention. If you are unfamiliar with it, it is a free public park boasting over 100 climbs, including ones that are kid-friendly. Despite the circumstances, the park is still scheduled to open its doors around December, so start planning now.

For those that want something akin to the Swiss thermal, the Ouray Hot Springs will keep you nice and warm during the cooler seasons. You can also take a soak in the hot springs right here at Twins Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs.

This update is provided by Twins Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs. Our Ouray lodging, full-service hotel has seven different room types including rooms for couples or families with children. Our amenities include Ouray Colorado hot springs, a free breakfast, spectacular vistas of the mountains, and much more. For additional information about us or Ouray, please call 800.207.2700 or visit us at 125 3rd Avenue Ouray, Colorado 81427.

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Whether you are staying in Ouray to explore the San Juan Mountains or relax in our natural hot springs, you will love your time at Twin Peaks Lodge.