Exploring Ouray’s Winter Wonderland: The Best Winter Activities

If you’re looking for a winter getaway, Ouray, Colorado is an ideal destination. Located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Ouray boasts some of the best winter activities in the state. From snowshoeing, to skiing, to snowmobiling, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this picturesque mountain town. 

Here are some of the best winter activities to do in Ouray: 


Ouray is home to some of the best snowmobiling trails in the state. From beginner to expert, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can get a guided tour of some of the most spectacular views in the San Juan Mountains. 

Ice Climbing

Ouray is home to some of the best ice-climbing in the world. There are numerous routes to choose from, and the Ouray Ice Park is the perfect place to learn the ropes. 


If you’re looking for a great way to explore the winter wonderland of Ouray, snowshoeing is a great option. There are numerous trails to explore, as well as guided tours available. 

Dog Sledding

What better way to experience the winter beauty of Ouray than with a guided dog sled tour? You can explore the mountains in the most unique way possible, and the experienced guides will ensure a safe and fun experience. 

No matter what type of winter activity you’re looking for, Ouray is the perfect destination. From snowshoeing to snowmobiling and ice-climbing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this beautiful mountain town. So come and experience the winter wonderland of Ouray for yourself!

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