Get Ready for the Return of Ouray Ice Park

Among the highlights taking place each year in Ouray is the launch of Ouray Ice Park. You might have heard about this perennial, free attraction that sees amateur and professional ice climbing visitors from across the globe. The park celebrates 25 years of attracting locals and tourists this year, and on December 14 it will open its frigid doors once again. There are a few things worth learning about before you come for those who have never experienced Ouray Ice Park.

Ouray Ice Park, though free, does not rent the equipment needed to go ice climbing such as helmets, ice axes, and rope. If you don’t already own the gear, you’ll probably have to visit one of the guide companies to obtain the gear. In this regard, these guides can also help you with choosing climbing areas that suit your skill level.

Did you know that the Ouray Ice Park is never the same experience each year? A group of volunteers and ice farmers use their free time to take the city water runoff and create flows that are turned into climbing walls. Therefore, every year, ice climbs are always different.

During the months of January through February, children and adolescents aged seven to seventeen can join a climbing clinic on the first Saturday. In these clinics, the equipment will be issued by the San Juan Mountain Guides.

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