How Much Does It Actually Snow in Colorado?

When you think of Colorado, snow-capped peaks may be what comes to mind. While Colorado does see much more snow than many regions in the United States, especially in elevated areas (like where Ouray Colorado lodging is), it isn’t quite an arctic wonderland.


Colorado experiences roughly 300 days of sun in a given year (believe it or not, that’s more than Florida thanks to hurricane season). It’s hard to get a lot of snow when the sun is always out. Colorado is ranked the seventh snowiest state in the United States.


Snow usually happens between October and April but can happen any time of the year, especially in places where our Ouray Colorado lodging location is. As they are called, Mountain towns are the snowiest in the state, but in the south, where the state borders New Mexico, you will see much less snow.


The snowiest month in Colorado greatly depends on the location, but on average, March sees the most snow, with an average of 11.3 inches. April, the last month of the snowy season, is the second snowiest month, with an average of 8.8 inches in the spring month.


Of course, July and August hardly ever see any snow, just clear skies, and warm temperatures. However, it isn’t unusual for June to see a tiny bit of snow, but that doesn’t happen often.


The average seasonal snowfall for Colorado is 56.5 inches, with an average range between 21.3 inches to 118.7 inches. To put that into perspective, Vermont, the snowiest state in the United States, receives an average of 89.25 in a given season.


So, while Colorado isn’t a warm-weather oasis, it snows much less than most people think.

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