How the Cold Can Affect Your Skin

Cold weather is particularly tough on skin, and while Colorado isn’t one of the coldest places in the United States, temperatures can still get pretty low, not to mention the wind. This is especially true for areas with higher altitudes since the wind picks up and the temperatures drop the higher you go. Our Ouray Colorado lodging location isn’t one of the highest places you can visit in all of Colorado, but it can get cold because it is situated near mountains.


Cold temperatures and low humidity cause dry air, which takes the moisture out of the skin, causing cracked skin. Over time, skin can even bleed if it is too dry, along with inflammation. The skin barrier gets disrupted, causing it to become more inflamed and irritated. When the temperature changes drastically (maybe you are looking for Ouray Colorado lodging on a visit from Arizona), your skin will have to work even harder to retain moisture.


So, in the winter, how can you prevent issues with dry skin?


You may have to switch moisturizers when it is cold outside. Moisturizers with glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid are preferred as they can help your skin retain moisture. Have breakouts frequently? Avoid petroleum or oil-based formulas.


Avoid long, hot showers. This can be tough, considering that may be all you want after a long day out in the Colorado winter, but hot water can strip your skin of important oils that keep it moisturized. Opt for lukewarm water instead. This also applies to when you wash your face and hands.


Of course, if you need a little extra care for your skin, check out the Sage Spa, where you can de-stress and take care of your skin through facials and massages!

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