Interesting Trivia About Ouray

ourayActivitiesFor history buffs and nature lovers, Ouray is one big treasure trove of fascinating facts and unbelievable landscapes. With that in mind, let’s explore some interesting facts you may want to share in a random conversation.

  • Film aficionados may or may not know that the classic 1968 film True Grit was filmed in Ouray County. Those with a keen eye may have noticed some of the scenes shot in Ouray and over in Ridgway. The Ouray County Court House is among the notable places that make an appearance in the film.
  • In 1957 Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged was published. If you’ve never read the novel, the protagonist maintains a secret hideaway located in a valley set in the Rocky Mountains. He refers to his hideaway Mulligan’s Valley or “Galt’s Gulch”, which was inspired by Ouray.
  • Fans of the classic series MacGyver might remember that the character’s grandfather Harry lived in Ouray. Ouray also served as the scenery in the first season episode, “Target MacGyver”.
  • His place of birth was Kansas City, but famous baseball pitcher Howard Ellsworth “Smoky Joe” Wood was raised in Ouray. Smoky Joe was a member of the Boston Red Sox as well as the Cleveland Indians.
  • The American sports drama Over the Top featuring Sylvester Stallone has a scene during the beginning of the film taking place in Ouray’s downtown area.

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