More People Are Safely Enjoying the Outdoors in Ouray

Are you exploring Ouray’s outdoors? You may have noticed that more people are camping out in the campgrounds and renting vehicles designed for the off-road. These people are trying to stave off the loneliness by exploring some of Colorado’s more remote and not so dense areas where they can still feel secure, socially distant and soak up in some much-needed fresh air courtesy of Mother Nature.

Driving distance holidays have seen a significant rise in popularity, as other modes of travel are experiencing something of a drop in demand. Consumers feel better in their cars than trying to share a cramped space with a bunch of strangers and that leads to more of those things where people can leave the comfort of their home for a little while. Doing some Google research can show hundreds of papers on how loneliness and being indoors may have detrimental effects on the body and mind when isolated for extended periods.

Jeep and Polaris vehicles are becoming trickier to secure, according to the source report in the Ouray County Plaindealer, as people plan to delve deep into the numerous trails and peaks of Ouray and beyond. Such trails often pass through ghost towns and other places where often only the driver and the Ouray scenery are involved.

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