Mountain Passes for Intrepid Travelers

imogeneFor off-roading thrills, you can’t go wrong by choosing Ouray, Colorado. With the surrounding mountains and weather, there are miles upon miles of trails to explore, all of which carry a certain degree of difficulty. For those who plan on going off-roading in Colorado in 2018 and have the significant experience, there are some mountain roads and passes that offer some truly spectacular experiences in exchange for treacherous conditions.

At more than 13,000 feet, the elevation of Imogene Pass which connects Ouray to its neighbor Telluride is, well, exceedingly high. On top of that, the temperatures are practically freezing and there is a vast amount of snow to also take into account. As one of the state’s highest mountain passes, it’s designated for pros. It’s so treacherous, the speed limit is only fifteen miles per hour and you must use either a 4WD or AWD vehicle to navigate it. To add to the adrenaline, you also won’t find guardrails on Imogene Pass.

While not quite as high as Imogene Pass, Coal Bank Pass is another one not meant for beginners. Known for being extremely steep and unpredictable weather, you’ll find it as part of the San Juan Skyway.

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