Notable Places to Discover in Ouray

The natural beauty of Ouray, as well as its hot springs and ice climbing opportunities, are well-known. If tourists want to do something other than athletics, they will go sightseeing in Ouray. The Utes who used to live here were mindful of the soothing powers of the hot springs. Here at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, we provide Ouray Colorado lodging near all of this and more.

Ouray grew in popularity as a result of its natural elegance and breathtaking mountain views. Skiing, ice climbing, and relaxing in hot springs have all become common sports among tourists in recent years. However, Ouray has never forgotten its past, as shown by the many sightseeing opportunities.

If you love museums, pay a visit to the Ouray Alchemist Museum for a personal tour. Taking the Ouray walking tour to see the Prevost house, the Jeffers building, and the Columbus building. All of these buildings were constructed in the 1800s and line Ouray’s main street. All have been returned to their former glory and remain standing. They chronicle Ouray’s rich and vibrant heritage, as well as its relevance in the region’s mining industry.

The Ouray Courthouse, which was finished in the late 1800s, is a sight to behold. It has richly decorative decoration typical of late-nineteenth-century architecture, and it was used in the 1969 John Wayne film True Grit.

The Wright Opera House, also known as Wright’s Theatre, was built in 1888 and is certainly worth a visit. It was used for distinct purposes including presentations and cultural activities for several years after the mining bust and eventual end of performances. Any summer Saturday, you can shop local handcrafted wares in the Wright’s Back Lot.

Wandering around would likely leave you hungry. Stop by the Artisan Bakery to grab a bite before ending the day.

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