One of Colorado’s Scenic Winter Drives Is Near Ouray

The winter season can turn virtually any city, town, or landscape into a snowy work of art. Already known for being picturesque, Ouray, Colorado doesn’t necessarily need the help of snow to add to its visual appeal yet a winter drive in and around the area can make for great memories. The website Out There Colorado recently took a look at some of the most scenic drives in the state of Colorado and a familiar roadway made the list. Can you guess which one?

If you guessed Million Dollar Highway, you are correct! Out There Colorado calls the 25-mile Million Dollar Highway “breathtaking at any time of year” and “incredibly scenic”. However, it also adds the word “dangerous” and it’s something that future visitors to Ouray should heed. Huge drop-offs, narrow switchbacks, and steep grades mean it’s treacherous under certain road conditions yet the astounding visuals arguably outweigh the risk. Always use caution if you’re thinking about visiting Million Dollar Highway.

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