Ouray County’s Red Crossbill

twin peaksThe flora and fauna of Ouray County are sights to behold and they are among the many reasons why taking a trip to Ouray is definitely something you should try and do at least once. To help you potentially notice some of the interesting animals roaming the lands of Ouray County, today we’re going to tell you a little more about the red crossbill.

A passerine bird, the red crossbill is a type of finch. In Eurasia, it goes by a similar name: the common crossbill. A passerine bird refers to a group of birds also known as perching birds and they are distinguished by their toes, three of which point forwards and one pointing towards the back. This distinct toe arrangement allows passerine birds to easily perch.

Adult red crossbills are noticeable by their bright colors, with males typically being orange and females being yellow or green. However, their defining characteristic is their bill or mandible which crosses at the tip and which gives the bird its name. These mandibles allow the crossbill to extract conifer seeds. Here’s a fun fact: there are more than seven different red crossbill variations, and they each have different beak sizes and vocalizations!

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