Ouray’s Beautiful Wildlife

deerColorado is a gorgeous place with many fascinating animals, and Ouray is no exception. Ouray has many unique animals in its borders, like deer and bighorn sheep. You might just see these animals while you’re here.

Grouse are elusive birds that are also called ‘spring chickens.’ These birds are not as brightly-colored as other birds, but they perform fascinating annual mating displays. During the display, grouse will fan their feathers and inflate colorful neck sacs. Watching the grouse’s displays are becoming more and more popular among birdwatchers.

Mule deer are a very familiar animal to the people living in Colorado. The mule deer has large, mule-like ears that they are named after. Their huge horns make them easy to spot. The mule deer used to be over-hunted, but their population has bounced back to normal levels.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a bighorn sheep. Bighorn sheep are the state animal of Colorado. The head and giant spiraling horns can weigh forty pounds. The sheep live in a strict hierarchy where the male sheep are separated from the females and children. The two groups join up during mating season. You’ll have to go to the mountains to see these sheep.

If you visited Ouray, you might see these fascinating animals!

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