Reasons to Stay Warm at Twin Peaks Hot Springs This Winter

Put on your swimwear and head to the pool in the months of December, January, and February. Although it may seem counterintuitive to be outside in the freezing cold wearing almost nothing, the advantages of a winter swim outweigh the short walk from your room to the soaking pool of your choosing.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should experience a winter soak at Twin Peaks Hot Springs:

Healthful Minerals

Natural minerals that all have positive effects on health and healing can be found in the hot springs at Twin Peaks. As a result, you may relax completely in the pool, assured that you are doing your body good.

So Many Different Options to Try and Enjoy

In addition to a heated family pool, Twin Peaks offers upper and lower hot springs with temperatures ranging from 98° to 108°F, as well as a waterfall tub. Not to mention our river view hot tubs to warm up and relax. 

Increase Your Vitamin D Intake

Even if the temperature is low, the sky is likely to be clear and blue with a bright sun. Colorado offers plenty of sunshine, so you can get plenty of exposure to the sun and hopefully a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Fewer People Around

Ouray is blissfully peaceful this time of year, with the exception of a few weekends around the holidays.

This update is provided by Twins Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, which offers Ouray lodging accommodations. After a day spent exploring Ouray, our Ouray Colorado hot springs provide guests a well deserved relaxing soak.

Come See Why Everyone Loves Staying at Twin Peaks Lodge

Whether you are staying in Ouray to explore the San Juan Mountains or relax in our natural hot springs, you will love your time at Twin Peaks Lodge.