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Travelers Today Name Checks Ouray Hot Springs

Because of its many sights, Colorado has been a favorite destination for visitors around the world. With its gorgeous landscapes, roaring hills, rivers, lakes, and high deserts, natural sights abound in Colorado, and that includes Ouray. Whether you want to go skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or otherwise, there is rarely, if ever a moment where…Continued

Get Ready for Some Labor Day Weekend Rodeo

The long weekend is upon us, what plans do you have in store? If you have yet to experience the Ouray County Fair & Rodeo, now is your chance to enjoy this annual tradition. Held at the Ouray County Fairgrounds, the rodeo is a non-profit organization focused on preserving the tradition of ranching by offering…Continued

The Sassy Juniper Titmouse

Nature lovers know that beyond the sweeping vistas of Ouray, Colorado, the wildlife is just as fascinating and colorful. Today we’d like to focus on the curiously named juniper titmouse, a type of passerine bird typically gray in color with a tuft of feathers on the head. Its color may not be anything special, but…Continued

Stay in Ouray, Get Creative in Ridgway

Since it’s still the early days of summer, you’re trying to figure out other activities that you can do with the little ones to pass the time and be together. How does an art session sound? Today, the Mini Makers Art Hour with Claudia Brauer is happening at Weehawken Ridgway and it’s an experience that…Continued

A Piece of History Soars Above Ouray

Have you stopped to notice the “Box Canon” sign standing near Ouray? The iconic sign that has towered over Ouray for years since the early 1900s received a significant facelift not too long ago after a team of five individuals took it upon themselves to spruce it up and bring the sign back to its…Continued

Unleash Your Inner Artist

You’ve probably seen one of your friends or family members show off a work of art they painted themselves after participating in one of those popular guided painting classes. You may have wanted to try this yourself at some point to unleash your inner artist. Next Tuesday, you’ll be able to do just that if…Continued

Have a Meal at Mineshaft

At the Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, we’re all about making your stay as welcoming and comfortable as possible. We previously mentioned the Sage Spa which offers a variety of treatments to help you unwind and revitalize. We also know that when you’re busy vacationing in Ouray, oftentimes the last thing you want to…Continued

Check out the Diverse Music of StillHouse Junkies

Are you looking for a post Valentines Day event that the entire family can enjoy? After you’ve booked your stay at Twin Peaks, you may wish to set aside some time to visit the always active Sherbino Theater over in neighboring Ridgway. It’s there where you can check out the musical stylings of Stillhouse Junkies.…Continued

Take a Soak in a Piece of History

The Ouray Hot Springs Pool may be one of the most well-known attractions, but it’s not the only place to take a warm soak. Their something of a well-kept secret yet Wiesbaden Hot Springs (part of Historic Wiesbaden) has a rich history and remains a must visit. The Ute tribe believed the springs had restorative…Continued

The Musical Stylings of Moors and McCumber

Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen! We can already hear the early rumblings of the holiday season soon to kick off. In the meantime, here’s an event happening next month you can start preparing for if you have broad musical tastes. The musical duo of James Moors and Kort McCumber (simply known as Moors and McCumber)…Continued

The Natural Beauty of Wiesbaden Hot Springs

Ouray’s history is closely intertwined with that of the Ute tribe and its Native American chief who also has his place in history as Ouray’s namesake. Chief Ouray had one of his homes built close to Wiesbaden Hot Springs, as his appreciation for the purported healing qualities of the water grew. Today, Wiesbaden has become…Continued

Snap Some Red Mountain Photos This Weekend

It’s often said that it is important to have a hobby in your life, something that you enjoy doing beyond the daily grind that brings you a sense of joy and satisfaction. A common hobby shared by many is photography where capturing a moment can result in a lifetime of cherished memories about said moment…Continued