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Support Locally at the Ridgway Farmers Market

Have you been to the Ridgway Farmers Market yet? If you haven’t checked out this great opportunity to support farmers, local agriculture, and small businesses, the market is returning this Friday, September 6. Why not take the opportunity to spruce up your next meal with some fresh ingredients. For those unfamiliar with Ridgway Farmers Market,…Continued

Explore the Historic Hot Springs Loop

Hot springs during the summer may not seem like the ideal way to cool off, but they’re a different experience than going to a public pool or the beach. Hot springs are known for their possible health benefits, from the minerals that help the skin to the muscle ache and pain-relieving effects. Colorado is famous…Continued

Explore the Ouray Sights During the Summer

Where will you be driving to this summer? Maybe you want to take the family some place where everyone can appreciate the beauty of nature. Summer in Colorado may likely be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before thanks to its stunning natural beauty. The website Out There Orlando recently took a look at some of…Continued

Improvement in Store for the Ouray County Courthouse

Ouray, Colorado is packed with historic sights, and the Ouray County Courthouse one of its most historic and iconic. This building has been around since the late 1800s and it even made an appearance in the classic 1969 western True Grit, starring John Wayne. If you’ve passed by the Ouray County Courthouse lately, you may…Continued

Run a 1K for a Good Cause

Lace up your running shoes. Next month, our neighbor Ridgway will debut the first ever Ridgway 1K Rally Through the Alley! This unique spin on the popular running events will allow participants—or should we say “art-letes”—to run as they discover various sculptures and hidden poems. The event concludes at the town park. There are many…Continued

Check out Prolific Singer-Songwriter Jade Jackson

We’ve frequently mentioned several independent musical acts that drop by the Sherbino Theater over in Ridgway to perform. Tomorrow, the venue will be welcoming yet another acclaimed artist. Singer-songwriter Jade Jackson was raised in Santa Margarita in the central area of California where she was exposed to a broad selection of music from a young…Continued

Delve Deep into the Ouray Ice Park

We’ve talked a lot about the Ouray Ice Park and its popularity. It is frequently covered in the press and with its free admission, there are few reasons not to give this attraction a try. The park is open to everyone no matter how skilled or unskilled they may be. The 303 Magazine website recently…Continued

Become Acquainted with the Growling Old Men

Acoustic acts frequently visit the Sherbino Theater over in Ridgway. Last year, we mentioned several of them and this year we’re continuing the tradition by telling you about some of the acts that will soon be performing. In this case, that musical act is the duo known by the amusing name of Growling Old Men.…Continued

Ouray’s Major Attraction Is Open

Wintertime in Ouray is an experience everyone should try and do. From the snowcapped San Juan Mountains to the gorgeous sights and the variety of activities, the winter season is a great time to experience Ouray, Colorado. In case you missed the news last week, we’re excited to report that the Ouray Ice Park has…Continued

Learn More About Ouray’s Rich Mining Past

Numerous decades before it became what it is today, Ouray, Colorado was teeming with miners seeking fame and fortune by mining for gold. As the mining heyday eventually came to an end, many of these mines plus the mining towns that accompanied them were abandoned but left largely intact. Today, many of these mines and…Continued

The 6th Annual Fiber Art Festival

There is always something going on in or near Ouray during the weekends, and this weekend is no exception. This Saturday, the Ouray County Sneffels Fiber Art Festival is returning for the sixth time featuring a broad array of handmade wearable clothes and art all made from scratch thanks to the talented creativity of local…Continued

The Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

The broad-tailed hummingbird is among the various types of birds found in or near Ouray, Colorado. It measures about four feet in length and it is easily identified by the iridescent green backs and crowns and the white breast, visible on both males and females. Despite their similarities, males are identified by their pink-red throat…Continued