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Explore Ouray With Your Four-Legged Friend

For those us that have a strong sense of wanderlust but also have close family members of the four-legged kind, we want to take them into consideration. Usually, this means bringing them along on exciting adventures whenever possible. If Ouray, Colorado is among the towns you want to visit, you’ll be happy to know there…Continued

Fodor’s Singles out Romantic Ouray

You probably already have or had Valentine’s Day plans but if you’re thinking about what you’d like to do next year, why not spend it in Ouray, Colorado? The widely respected travel and tourism publisher Fodor’s thinks it’s one of the most romantic small towns in America for couples! Indeed, Ouray made the list of…Continued

Ouray Is a Top Christmas Town

You may still be recovering from the Christmas 2019 celebrations, or you may already be thinking about what you might want to do this year. Christmas is typically associated with beautiful scenery, a feeling of goodwill, and plenty of snow. Hence, if you’re planning on traveling somewhere, you may be seeking a small town vibe…Continued

Get into the Holiday Spirit with These Local Events

With the cold Ouray weather and its cozy ambiance, it certainly feels like the holidays. If you want to get into the spirit of the season, lots of different events are going that the entire family can enjoy. This weekend, none other than Ol’ St. Nick himself and his wife Mrs. Claus will be dropping…Continued

Get Ready for the Return of Ouray Ice Park

Among the highlights taking place each year in Ouray is the launch of Ouray Ice Park. You might have heard about this perennial, free attraction that sees amateur and professional ice climbing visitors from across the globe. The park celebrates 25 years of attracting locals and tourists this year, and on December 14 it will…Continued

Travelers Today Name Checks Ouray Hot Springs

Because of its many sights, Colorado has been a favorite destination for visitors around the world. With its gorgeous landscapes, roaring hills, rivers, lakes, and high deserts, natural sights abound in Colorado, and that includes Ouray. Whether you want to go skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or otherwise, there is rarely, if ever a moment where…Continued

The Fall Colors Will Soon Be Visible

Being something of an amateur weather person is one of the many activities people of Colorado enjoy doing. When will we see the first fall of snow? When is the ice going to melt? When will the colors of leaves start changing? The yearly changing of the colors of leaves is one of the many…Continued

Get Ready for Some Labor Day Weekend Rodeo

The long weekend is upon us, what plans do you have in store? If you have yet to experience the Ouray County Fair & Rodeo, now is your chance to enjoy this annual tradition. Held at the Ouray County Fairgrounds, the rodeo is a non-profit organization focused on preserving the tradition of ranching by offering…Continued

The Sassy Juniper Titmouse

Nature lovers know that beyond the sweeping vistas of Ouray, Colorado, the wildlife is just as fascinating and colorful. Today we’d like to focus on the curiously named juniper titmouse, a type of passerine bird typically gray in color with a tuft of feathers on the head. Its color may not be anything special, but…Continued

Stay in Ouray, Get Creative in Ridgway

Since it’s still the early days of summer, you’re trying to figure out other activities that you can do with the little ones to pass the time and be together. How does an art session sound? Today, the Mini Makers Art Hour with Claudia Brauer is happening at Weehawken Ridgway and it’s an experience that…Continued

A Piece of History Soars Above Ouray

Have you stopped to notice the “Box Canon” sign standing near Ouray? The iconic sign that has towered over Ouray for years since the early 1900s received a significant facelift not too long ago after a team of five individuals took it upon themselves to spruce it up and bring the sign back to its…Continued

Unleash Your Inner Artist

You’ve probably seen one of your friends or family members show off a work of art they painted themselves after participating in one of those popular guided painting classes. You may have wanted to try this yourself at some point to unleash your inner artist. Next Tuesday, you’ll be able to do just that if…Continued