The Best Hiking Trails Around Ouray

hikeTrailThe hiking trails around Ouray are not like other hiking trails. These are more scenic, more exciting, and have more history behind them. In fact, most of the trails around Ouray were made by miners going to the minds in the 1870s. Here are some trails to check out.

The Perimeter Trail is the most popular trail around, but it’s still unfinished. The trail is 5 miles long, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get scenic pictures of the mountains and valleys. This trail takes at least three hours, so plan ahead. The trail has multiple points where you can return to Ouray, in case you don’t want to hike the full five miles.

Bear Creek is another popular trail. It is one of the few trails designated as a Natural Recreation Trail, meaning that it’s very scenic. However, do not try this trail if you’re a first timer. The round trip journey is 14.1 miles long, and the trail has steep drop-offs and switchbacks. You can reach the Grizzly Bear Mine after 2.4 miles and the Yellow Jacket Mine after 4.2 miles. These mines are a wonderful reminder of Ouray’s past.

The Horsethief Trail comes from Ouray’s earliest days. The Ouray Trail Group repaired the trail after it washed out during the summer of 2004. This trail connects with several mines, such as the Wanakah, Johnathan, Schofield, and American Nettie mines.

Ouray is every hiker’s dream. Make sure to come visit sometime!

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