The Broad-Tailed Hummingbird

Twin PeaksThe broad-tailed hummingbird is among the various types of birds found in or near Ouray, Colorado. It measures about four feet in length and it is easily identified by the iridescent green backs and crowns and the white breast, visible on both males and females. Despite their similarities, males are identified by their pink-red throat patch called a gorget and their tail which is largely black with hues of green and in some cases, white. Females have duller pale-rust colors. The wings of males also produce a trilling sound which can typically be heard as they zing by.

Broad-tailed hummingbirds share feeding behaviors with other species of hummingbirds in that they use their long bills to feed on flowers as they rapidly hover. Their diet consists largely of nectar as well as small insects. In fact, these birds may “steal” trapped insects from spider webs or may even feed on the spiders themselves.

Speaking of males and females, when it comes to mating the males will put on a display of acrobatics by soaring high into the air (as much as sixty feet) and then diving down rapidly, showing off their wing trill to impress the females during courtship. During nesting, males will also patrol their territory and ward off intruders. Females usually set up their neatly constructed nests as high as twenty feet about the ground or higher.

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