The Evolution of St. Joseph’s Miners’ Hospital

ouray! (2)Way back in 1887, St. Joseph’s Miners’ Hospital opened its doors for the first time on August 27. The structure still stands in Ouray to this day and has become a part of the United States National Register of Historic Places. It still has the classic Italianate architectural style that made it so iconic when it opened. Today, it is also the home of the Ouray County Historical Museum.

Before the museum came about, St. Joseph’s Miners’ Hospital was under the operation of the Sisters of Mercy. It remained a hospital until 1964 and it was in 1971 when the Ouray County Historical Society began exhibiting in the building. About five years later, the building switched hands and was purchased by the society to be used as the premises for the existing museum.

Today, the Ouray County Historical Museum is comprised of a trio of floors with more than thirty unique exhibits. Walking through it is a showcase of railroad, mining, ranching, and Indian artifacts. If you appreciate history, museums, or just want to get a glimpse of what Ouray was like back in the day, definitely set aside some time to visit.

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