The Fall Colors Will Soon Be Visible

Being something of an amateur weather person is one of the many activities people of Colorado enjoy doing. When will we see the first fall of snow? When is the ice going to melt? When will the colors of leaves start changing? The yearly changing of the colors of leaves is one of the many reasons to look forward to Colorado’s enchanting fall season.

To get a deeper appreciation for the fall colors, it’s worth having a basic understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. The leaves turn thanks to a mix of chlorophyll and sugars, the former being a pigment which results in the green color of leaves. Once the temperatures dip, the trees receive a signal of sorts indicating the arrival of winter. When this happens, the leaves will develop a layer of cells that cause the tree to prevent chlorophyll from returning into the leaves. Because there is no rejuvenation, whatever pigment is left—those gorgeous yellows and oranges—becomes visible.

One way to see the fall colors while you’re enjoying Ouray is by taking a ride on the San Juan Skyway. Depending on how much time you have and what your plans are while you’re in or around Ouray, the six-hour drive is quite the spectacular experience.

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