The Natural Beauty of Wiesbaden Hot Springs

ouraySightsOuray’s history is closely intertwined with that of the Ute tribe and its Native American chief who also has his place in history as Ouray’s namesake. Chief Ouray had one of his homes built close to Wiesbaden Hot Springs, as his appreciation for the purported healing qualities of the water grew. Today, Wiesbaden has become one of the many tourist attractions.

Numerous families visit the Wiesbaden Hot Springs, which still honors the history of its former owners, the Ute people to this day. Strict attention has gone into making sure that the hot springs retain their natural beauty. As a matter of fact, visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the hot springs while wearing makeup, hair products, or other skin lotions. Anyone who has smoked tobacco during the previous month is also not allowed to enter Wiesbaden Hot Springs.

Wiesbaden Hot Springs and its atmosphere is made even better by the stunning surroundings, which includes the soaring San Juan Mountains as the scenery. Adults can also visit the clothing-optional pool dubbed the Lorelei which is a separate fee and is known for its cozy setting.

If you want to try something different than the classic Ouray Hot Springs, Wiesbaden Hot Springs is definitely worth your time.

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