The Picturesque Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop

hotSprings-1Are you planning a stay at Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs? If so, consider Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop. This amazingly picturesque trip is more than 700 miles long and it also happens to have hot springs in five regions of Western Colorado. Each of these hot springs has its unique vibe, ranging from peaceful soaks to energetic experiences.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing what a hot spring is all about, there are plenty of therapeutic reasons to consider taking a dip. You’ll relieve whatever stress may be affecting you and you’ll feel rejuvenated once you’ve settled into the spring. Chit chat with a local and he or she may tell you about the Ute Indian Tribe and their lengthy journeys to discover what they believed were miracle waters. As a matter of fact, some of the springs are still used for ceremonial purposes.

Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop has nineteen hot springs to discover, largely accessible by driving. Depending on which spring you visit, you’ll have the choice of a day pass or a resort fee. There are also other springs that will require a hike for adventure seekers, including the free hot spring found on public land called Conundrum. If you feel you’re experienced enough, the spring is located at 2,500 feet of elevation and requires a seventeen-mile hike.

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