Tips for Beginning Hikers in Ouray

Hiking has numerous mental and physical health benefits. It can assist you in getting in better shape, reducing stress and even enhancing your mental abilities. Here are some ideas for hiking beginners as the weather heats up and you consider trading in your skis for hiking boots:

Hike with a Friend

It’s crucial to hike with others as a beginner. Hiking with a partner is not only more enjoyable, but it also increases your safety. Sharing a fresh experience and bonding over nature will undoubtedly bring you closer together.

Before You Go, Check the Weather Forecast

Hikes for beginners are most enjoyable when the weather is sunny and mild. Avoid hiking in the rain, snow or strong winds.

Make Note of the Time You Plan to Spend Hiking

Take your time on the hike. Isn’t the point of spending time in nature to unwind? Maintain a steady pace and take frequent rests. It’s best to avoid making arrangements or commitments following your hike.

Pick a Hike That’s Right for You

Overdoing things is the most common mistake made by beginners. There is either an excessive amount of time spent on the trail or a significant amount of ascent involved. To get started, choose a short, flat hike of no more than 5 miles in length. Make a training plan ahead of time if you plan on hiking for a long time. 

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