What to Wear in Colorado During Winter

There really is no bad time to visit Colorado. For one, the views from up high are always amazing – beautiful wildflowers in the spring and summer, changing leaves in the fall, and snowy cliffs in the winter. Each season brings its own array of outdoor activities. You may have heard that dressing in layers during your stay at Ouray Colorado lodging is important, and that couldn’t be more true than in the winter.


Dressing in layers is probably the most important thing you can do when it comes to dressing for the winter. Even in the colder months, temperatures can shift. If you’re hiking, it will be much colder the higher up you go, but you don’t want to be bundled up heavy when just eating at a restaurant. Some basic things to pair are fleece jackets, long johns, synthetic fabric that can block water and wind, jeans, and of course, snow pants!


You don’t want to be caught wearing the wrong shoes during winter in Colorado. While, of course, you probably know not to wear flip-flops, be sure to pack a variety of shoes when staying at our Ouray Colorado lodging location. The best thing you can bring, even on hikes, are waterproof boots. If you are skiing or snowboarding, you will need skiing/snowboarding shoes. Snow boots are a well-rounded option for many activities.


Don’t forget the sunglasses! The sun still shines strong in the winter because many parts of Colorado are elevated. The sun is much more intense the higher the altitude, and just because it may feel colder doesn’t mean you can’t catch a sunburn or hurt your eyes.

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