Ouray’s Best Trails to Hike This Summer

You won’t find any other hiking trails like the ones in Ouray. These trails are more scenic, exciting, and historically significant as most of the trails around Ouray were built in the 1870s by miners heading to the mines. If you’re planning a hike this summer, here are several trails to consider. The Perimeter Trail…Continued

Explore the Breathtaking Beauty of Ouray with Ouray Mountain Adventures

Ouray’s mountains are best viewed from the comfort of a four-wheel-drive vehicle. There are countless four-wheeling options nearby, ranging from easy scenic trips to difficult adventures, from mine trails to beautiful mountain passes. Explore the ruins and abandoned towns of Colorado as you travel through some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.  At Ouray Mountain…Continued

The Ouray Mountain Air Series Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

The Ouray Mountain Air Series presents its 10th annual concert series. These free events, held in Ouray’s lovely Fellin Park on Thursdays in June, are well-received by the entire community as families of all ages prepare for sun-filled afternoons, pleasant evenings, and picnics at Ouray’s favorite outdoor event!  There will be food, beer, wine, spirits,…Continued

Check Out These Stunning Upcoming Hot Air Balloon Events

You’re missing out if you’ve never been to one of Colorado’s hot air balloon events. The high altitude of Colorado makes it ideal for sending hot air balloons into the sky. Here are four fantastic hot air balloon events taking place across the state this summer:  Erie Hot Air Balloon Launch Dates: May 21-22 Location:…Continued

Hiking in Ouray: Silvershield Trail

The nature and origins of trails in the Ouray area vary greatly depending on where they are located. The southern half of the county is characterized by steep, strongly mined terrain. Early miners in this area began building trails in the mid-1870s and continued for several decades after that. Above Ouray, the Silvershield trail connects…Continued

All Aboard! Visit the Ridgway Railroad Museum

Ridgway, Colorado, is home to the Ridgway Railroad Museum, which is dedicated to preserving the history of railroading in Ouray County and the surrounding areas. The museum offers a 16-acre facility with a half-mile loop to operate narrow gauge equipment. The Ridgway Railroad Museum, which opened in 1999, is dedicated to the history of Ouray…Continued

Where to Go for a Cup of Joe

For some people, coffee is more than a beverage, it’s a way of life. There is nothing like walking into a coffee shop and being greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. If you’re in Ouray or the nearby area, there are a number of places where you can go to grab a cup…Continued

Take a Bite Out of the Best Food in Town at Mineshaft

The picturesque mountain retreat of your dreams awaits you in Ouray, Colorado. Snow-capped mountains and stunning views of the Colorado Rockies surround Ouray. At the cozy Twin Peaks Lodge & Hot Springs, you’ll find the seasonal Mineshaft Restaurant, providing an ideal and delicious meal to round out your day of exploring Ouray’s rich history.  Whether…Continued

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated until the Spring

The holidays are long gone and still winter appears to be dragging on forever, making it difficult to find something to look forward to. However, soon spring will be here with warmer weather and longer days. But until then, here are some tips for remaining motivated throughout these last few cold weeks:  1. Pull out…Continued

Rest and Relaxation at Twin Peaks

Ouray Colorado lodging greets guests and residents every morning with the most spectacular of views. The San Juan Mountains rise and fall like those on the cover of a book, setting the scene for you to sit back, rest and relax. But here at Twin Peaks we offer more than just a beautiful view.   With…Continued

Pet-Friendly Adventures in Ouray

At Ouray Colorado Lodging, we know that there is no greater adventure than ones spent with your four-legged best friend. Luckily, Ouray is known for being pet-friendly and full of plenty of opportunities to spend some quality time with your dog. Our Ouray Colorado lodging location even offers pet-friendly rooms, so you and your pal…Continued

Ouray is One of America’s Best Mountain Towns

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, it isn’t hard to see why Ouray is among America’s best mountain towns. Called the “Switzerland of America,” our town is full of beautiful views, recreational activities, friendly locals, history, and plenty of places to sit back and take it easy.   There may not be any ski…Continued

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